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Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias


Would you dare to climb a 100-story building? I know I wouldn't! But there's someone who's made it his life mission to scale some of the tallest buildings in the world. Meet Alain Robert, a 60-year-old French urban and mountain climber.

Alain Robert hanging by his hands from a sheer cliff face

In 2011, Alain pushed his limits by climbing the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which stands at an astonishing 828m (2,717ft). He's known for his fearless personality and often scales these towering heights without a safety harness.

Alain's secret to success is his focused technique of self-hypnotherapy and guided meditation, which he's perfected over the years. He practices this both before, during, and after his climbs. Interestingly, his first use of self-hypnotherapy wasn't to climb the Eiffel Tower, but to overcome depression after an almost fatal 15-meter fall that left him in a wheelchair.

Alain's journey to fame began in his teenage years when he developed a passion for climbing. By 19, he was already renowned as a great climber in France. Unfortunately, at the age of 20, he fell over 15 meters while assisting beginner climbers. Despite the doctors telling him he'd never walk again, let alone climb, Alain persisted and went on to achieve incredible feats.

With the help of self-hypnotherapy, guided meditation, and visualization techniques, Alain rehabilitated himself, both physically and mentally. He not only managed to walk and climb again, but he also scaled heights that had never been climbed before. He holds numerous Guinness world records, including the fastest climber, climbing the most buildings, and scaling the tallest building in the world.

Alain's use of self-hypnotherapy has helped him overcome his fears, phobias, and distractions while climbing. It has enabled him to remain focused, strong, and successful in his technique and to build his mental and physical stamina.

At Clear Minds, we believe in the power of self-hypnotherapy to help you overcome your fears and phobias. If you're curious about how it could change your life, check out our self-hypnotherapy audio pack to help you conquer your fears. Who knows, you might go from being scared of heights to scaling the world's tallest buildings, just like Alain!

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