30 Days Dry Hypnotherapy Challenge

30 Days Dry Hypnotherapy Challenge

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30 Days Dry Hypnotherapy Challenge

30 Days Dry Hypnotherapy Challenge

Regular price £29.95
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Start our 30-Day Dry Challenge anytime: A fun, empowering toolkit for year-round control and a break from alcohol! Change how you think about alcohol and watch your world change for the better.


Embark on the 30 Day Dry Challenge, a groundbreaking package meticulously crafted by Hugh, our award-winning hypnotherapists who boast over 45 years of combined experience in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming.  

Recognized globally for their profound expertise, they have harnessed their extensive knowledge and successful track record of helping thousands worldwide to create this transformative experience. This challenge is designed to revolutionize your relationship with alcohol over 30 days, employing techniques that address the root causes of dependency. 

As leaders in their field, Hugh and Catherine are thrilled to offer you this opportunity to regain control and step into the best version of yourself. As part of the Clear Minds team, they will be available to provide support and guidance throughout your journey, ensuring a supportive path to success and well-being. 

Embark on a journey to rediscover your potential and embrace a brighter, healthier future.

"I am deeply committed to helping individuals unlock their potential; there's nothing more rewarding than guiding someone to become the best version of themselves." - Hugh

"Seeing how alcohol can overshadow a person's potential drives my passion to help others break free and unlock the vibrant life they deserve." - Catherine

Why you’ll love it

This challenge has been created to help make being healthy fun, and is designed to either be done alone or shared with friends and used as a group activity. 

In 2015, Professor Kevin Moore of the Royal Free Hospital, London, co-authored one of the largest-ever studies into the effects of a four-week break from alcohol. 

The participants were average drinkers, and the results were staggering. 

By the end of the four weeks of study, the participants of the studies had each lost, on average, 40% of their liver fat and 3kg in weight. They also reduced their cholesterol and lowered glucose levels, as well as many other health improvements.

Moore was so impressed with the findings he suggested that if there were a pill that produced similar results, everyone would want it!


This 30-day challenge has been designed to cover all types of drinking behaviours, such as binge drinking, nightly drinking, alcoholism, chronic alcohol consumption and people who become anti-social when drinking.

A huge misconception is that alcohol helps you sleep. Actually, that is entirely wrong! Alcohol stops you from entering the most valuable, rejuvenating part of your sleep cycle, REM. So basically, you will wake up feeling more tired than if you had not drunk alcohol. 

This audio therapy package has been constructed to help people be aware of, and reduce, their alcohol intake.

How it works

All you need to do for our hypnotherapy to work is give yourself a quiet space where you can avoid distractions for 20 minutes each day. 90% of our clients have said they only needed to listen to our audio once for it to be effective.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique that induces a state of deep relaxation, allowing the conscious mind to be bypassed so the subconscious mind can be more receptive to positive suggestions. The subconscious mind governs our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours; therefore, influencing it can lead to meaningful changes in your life.

With our recorded online hypnotherapy sessions, you can experience this transformative process in the comfort of your own home. Each session guides you into this relaxed state and then provides targeted suggestions to your subconscious, empowering you to make the positive changes you desire.

You can easily listen to our audio therapies on any device, whether it's a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, without the need for special apps. Our sessions are compatible with both Android and iPhone/iPad devices. After purchasing our hypnotherapy audio, you'll receive it instantly via email, and you're free to listen to it and share it with friends and family as much as you like.

Purchase any two audios and receive another two for free. Simply add your chosen four audios to your cart, and you'll only be charged for two at checkout.

What’s included

  • Control Alcohol Consumption Hypnotherapy: 23-minute audio hypnotherapy session.
  • Eliminate the Need for Alcohol Hypnotherapy: 23-minute audio hypnotherapy session.
  • Easily Control Alcohol Consumption: 23-minute audio hypnotherapy session.
  • Stop Binge Drinking Hypnotherapy: 23-minute audio hypnotherapy session.
  • Recover from Alcohol Hypnotherapy: 23-minute audio hypnotherapy session.
  • Do Not Turn to Drink: 5-minute emergency trigger session.
  • Make Healthier Life Choices Hypnotherapy: 23-minute audio hypnotherapy session.
  • Deep Relaxation Hypnotherapy: 23-minute audio hypnotherapy session.
  • Visualisation of Success Guided Meditation: 23-minute audio hypnotherapy session.
  • Guest Celebrity Motivational Pep Talks.
  • Instant access to your purchased hypnotherapy sessions via email.
  • Access to our private FB community group with over 80,000 active members who help motivate each other daily.
  • Full email support.
  • Instructions on how to use your hypnotherapy sessions.
  • Lifetime ownership of the hypnotherapy sessions.

Research shows that more people than ever before attempted to do 'Dry January' this year in order to improve their overall physical and mental health. This package is designed specifically to guarantee you success and help you finish the whole month. (It does not have to be used only in January, the majority of our customers have used this package in other months).

Upon completing the '30 Days Dry' challenge we ask that you message us to let us know you have completed the challenge so that we can send you an exclusive reward for being 30 DAYS DRY! 

Take on the challenge and watch as day by day you notice your life begin to blossom around you. 

This hypnotherapy has been created by our team of experienced hypnotherapists. Once you have completed this challenge send us a message through our website for your exclusive reward. 

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