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Hypnobirthing Is The New Trend Even The Royals Are Using


Unlock the Power of Hypnobirthing

If you're an expectant mother or planning to be, you're probably hearing all sorts of advice on how to navigate this exciting yet challenging journey. One of the options available to expectant mums these days is hypnobirthing, a technique I tried myself when I was pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd children. I believe it made a big difference in my birthing experience, and apparently it was also a great help to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. So...you're in good company if you're considering giving it a try!

What is Hypnobirthing?

So, what is 'Hypnobirthing?' As the term suggests, 'hypno' refers to hypnotherapy and 'birthing' to the process of childbirth. It's technically a specialised subset of hypnotherapy and is aimed at assisting with pregnancy and childbirth, from combating morning sickness to alleviating anxiety associated with becoming a parent.

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The Royal Experience: Kate Middleton’s Journey

Back in 2013, Kate Middleton, who is married to Prince William, was pregnant with their first child, Prince George. She suffered from severe morning sickness, scientifically known as hyperemesis gravidarum [1].

After trying numerous options that all failed, Kate and William were both very concerned for the health of their baby, as well as Kate's well-being. Eventually, they turned to hypnobirthing and were astonished by its effectiveness.

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How Hypnobirthing Can Transform Your Pregnancy

Kate and William found that hypnobirthing was effective not just for morning sickness but also for mental preparedness. Kate opened up about her positive experience with hypnobirthing in her podcast "Happy Mum, Happy Baby." She explained how hypnobirthing techniques like deep breathing and meditation empowered her to take control during an uncertain time [2].

Stress during pregnancy can lead to complications, which is why it's vital to stay calm and positive. Hypnobirthing provides tools to help you maintain a relaxed state, thereby benefiting not just you but your baby as well.

The Science Behind Hypnobirthing

Studies have shown that hypnobirthing can be beneficial in reducing stress and even the perception of pain during labor [3][4]. Lee Roosevelt, a certified midwife, explains that reducing cortisol levels can lead to a more relaxed state, allowing oxytocin to flow freely during labour. We know that oxytocin is the 'feel good' hormone, so it's clear why that would help and why we would want more of it. 

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Conclusion: Transform Your Pregnancy Experience

In essence, hypnobirthing is not just a trend but a powerful tool for transforming your pregnancy and childbirth into a more positive and manageable experience. If it worked for the Duchess of Cambridge, it's definitely worth considering for your pregnancy journey.


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