Anxiety Melting Essentials Pack (10 Sessions)

Anxiety Melting Essentials Pack (10 Sessions)

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Anxiety Melting Essentials Pack (10 Sessions)

Anxiety Melting Essentials Pack (10 Sessions)

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Overcome Anxiety in 14 Days: Discover Calm with Our 'Anxiety Melting Essentials' Hypnotherapy Course!


Our experienced hypnotherapist has carefully constructed this package, drawing upon years of expertise and understanding of anxiety's complexities. The program is structured to methodically break down anxiety's grip, offering insight and relief at each step. It’s not just about managing symptoms; it's about delving deep into the subconscious mind to address the root causes of anxiety.

At the core of the Anxiety Melting Essentials Package is the principle of working with the subconscious mind through hypnotherapy. By accessing this deeper level of consciousness, the program helps to:

Understand Emotions: It guides individuals to recognize and understand their emotional triggers and patterns associated with anxiety.

Reframe Thinking: Hypnotherapy helps in altering negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive, constructive ones.

Develop Coping Mechanisms: The sessions equip individuals with effective coping strategies to deal with anxiety when it arises.

Address Root Causes: By focusing on the subconscious, the therapy targets the underlying issues that fuel anxiety, leading to more lasting and profound changes.

Why you’ll love it

Unlock the path to anxiety relief with our all-in-one Anxiety Melting Essentials Package.
This curated collection features our top tools, including the transformative Overcoming Anxiety Journal. Dive deep into understanding and tackling the roots of your anxiety with ease. Our user-friendly, recorded hypnotherapy sessions are ready to guide you into relaxation and positive change, accessible on any device, anywhere.

Get instant access via email upon purchase. Special offer: Buy two audios, get two free – simply add four to your cart and pay for only two at checkout. Begin your journey to a calmer, more controlled life today.

This course is designed to help individuals understand and navigate through various forms of anxiety, including:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): Easing the chronic and exaggerated worry and tension.

Panic Disorder: Techniques to manage sudden, intense episodes of fear.

Social Anxiety Disorder: Building confidence in social situations.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Reducing obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Helping to process and make peace with past traumatic experiences.

Panic Attacks: Addressing specific fears and irrational aversions.

How it works

Experience the power of hypnotherapy, a clinically recognized approach to reducing anxiety. Our Anxiety Melting Essentials Package is a comprehensive solution, featuring a blend of guided meditations and hypnotherapy audio sessions. These sessions are meticulously designed to guide you through the process of calming your mind, offering a serene escape from anxiety.

Included in the package is an insightful journal filled with self-help material. This resource is crafted to help you reshape your thought patterns, providing practical strategies to manage and soothe your anxiety.

Additionally, as part of the package, you gain access to our Emotional Support Group. This vibrant community, with over 90,000 active daily members, is a source of motivation and shared wisdom, fostering an environment of mutual support and encouragement.

Ourhypnotherapy sessions are tailored for convenience and ease. From the comfort of your home, these sessions will guide you into a relaxed state, delivering targeted suggestions directly to your subconscious. This process empowers you to embrace positive changes and find lasting relief from anxiety.

Enjoy the flexibility of our audio therapies across all your devices, from mobile phones to tablets and computers, with no special apps required. They are fully compatible with both Android and iPhone/iPad devices. Upon purchasing, you will receive instant access to our hypnotherapy audio via email, allowing you to listen and even share with friends and family as you wish.

Embark on your journey to tranquility and control with our Anxiety Melting Essentials Package, and transform your approach to anxiety management."

What’s included

  • Anxiety Eliminating Hypnotherapy Audio Session
  • Anxiety Melting Sleep Edition Hypnotherapy Audio Session
  • Deep Relaxation Hypnotherapy Audio Session
  • Come Back Down to Earth From Anxiety Emergency 5-minute Trigger Session
  • Anxiety Reducing Guided Meditation Part 1
  • Calming Anxiety Guided Meditation Part 2
  • Further Meditation For Anxiety Relief Part 3 (Exclusive to this Package)
  • Confident Driver Anxiety Elimination Hypnotherapy
  • Overcoming Anxiety Journal
  • Overcome Panic Attacks Hypnotherapy Audio Session
  • Instant access to your purchased hypnotherapy sessions via email.
  • Access to our private emotional support group on FB.
  • Full email support.
  • Instructions on how to use your hypnotherapy sessions.
  • Lifetime ownership of the hypnotherapy sessions.
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