How Self-Hypnosis Can Help You Be More Lucky in Love


People are using hypnotherapy sessions to help them be confident when speaking with potential partners. But can hypnotherapy for confidence and self esteem really help in finding love?

Finding love can be incredibly daunting and if you’re the type of person who would rather hide for eternity than approach someone you like, then the whole experience can be debilitating. Navigating the dating game can be terrifying but remember that it’s ok to be scared. What you must do, however, is try and find some confidence and be happy within yourself. Having good self-esteem is critical when it comes to attracting a partner.

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It depends on what you feel comfortable with but how well you come across is often down to confidence. If you’re extroverted, confidence is probably something you have in abundance but for those who identify more as an introvert, it can take a lot of effort to put yourself out there.

Confidence not only helps with how others perceive you but it also helps with how one perceives themselves. If you lack confidence in how you look and sound, you’re less likely to approach someone as you immediately assume they wouldn’t be interested. After all, you think you have no chance so surely they’d agree right? The truth is that most people pick up on confidence and without it, you’re easier to ignore. People gravitate towards confident, happy and genuine individuals.

Hope for all

While we can understand that some may face bigger challenges than others, there is actually evidence to suggest that individuals who find it harder to engage with others socially may actually be easier to hypnotise. A 2013 study found that people who had gene variants linked to social detachment were actually the most susceptible to hypnosis.

Studies have also found that the hormone oxytocin (otherwise known as the love hormone) can also play a huge part in susceptibility. A shot of oxytocin sprayed up a person’s nose makes them more responsive to a therapist's suggestion. For those who are besotted but have little confidence to act upon it, the oxytocin flooding their brain may be beneficial to making hypnosis effective.

Making you more confident

Hypnotherapy helps to not only build confidence but also redefine and strengthen your goals so that you can understand better what you want and how to get there. If you’re unlucky in love, you might be thinking about where you’re going wrong. The truth is, that unless you’re doing something outrageous to make people uncomfortable, then it’s something you’re not doing rather than what you’re doing wrong. Chances are that you’re not doing enough to be noticed at all.

One thing that hypnotherapy can help with is the strength to build upon self-esteem and confidence. If you’re not feeling sure about your own ability to attract a mate, how can you expect someone to think you can? It’s a well-known fact that people find self-confidence attractive but without it, you’ll be making it much harder for yourself.

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This concept is backed by multiple studies, one of which looked at the way in which confidence had an impact on perceived attractiveness. A recent study found that men who had received speed-dating training showed improved levels of confidence before their date. Following this, they were immediately perceived as more attractive than their less confident counterparts.

It’s important to note that overconfidence can also be associated with untrustworthiness and these subjects were more likely to be considered as shorter-term commitments rather than a serious romantic partner. People looking for a long-term commitment may feel that overconfidence means an individual is being disingenuous.

So where do we strike the balance?

You want to be confident, but not so much so that people think you’re hiding something. The key here is to have inner confidence in yourself. Be firm and resilient but also show some sensitivity. Hypnosis helps people lacking in self-esteem to build their confidence and improve their communication with potential romantic partners.

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Having inner confidence can help you learn how to speak from the heart, understand what others want and find out more about the qualities you need in a partner. Hypnotherapy brings you into a relaxed state so that your subconscious can understand what it is you’re looking for. Not only that, hypnosis can help maintain those relationships once they begin and help you overcome challenges along the way.

Accept yourself

Finding true love can only work if we can be our true selves. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of being somebody else to please a partner but the truth is, that once the initial romance has settled, we are left to decide whether or not we are truly compatible with someone. Hypnosis helps to create healthy thinking so that one doesn’t lose sight of who they are. Being self-assured is an important trait to have and inner confidence is what helps us overcome challenges.

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Insecurities can damage a relationship, whether that be a fear of abandonment or jealousy. Hypnosis will help individuals to create coping mechanisms so that they can better manage issues in their relationship and prevent unnecessary damage.

Learning to adapt

Hypnosis is a truly viable option for those who may feel close to giving up on their shot at love. By addressing every angle of the issue, therapy gives those who are looking for love the confidence to embark on this journey. Hypnosis builds self-esteem, confidence and understanding to ensure that they are equipped with the right skills to pursue love.

Remember that it’s never too late to find love. No matter who you are, how old or how you look, it’s time to show the world your great qualities that are worth all of the love in the world. It’s also important to be resilient as you would be with everything in life, love can be unpredictable. Be prepared for rejection and learn how to deal with it. Hypnosis can also help you build your resilience to these outcomes whilst also helping you manage the way you deal with this reaction. Love works in mysterious ways and the way you perceive yourself may be entirely different to how someone else sees you. Embrace yourself and celebrate your qualities. Only when you can love who you are, then you are truly ready to embrace loving someone else.

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