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Living a healthy lifestyle is not something that most people can decide to do once and then forget about. We rarely change bad habits and set ourselves on new, positive roads with a one-time choice. Instead, cultivating a healthy lifestyle really needs to be a daily choice. Instead of reaching for your phone when you wake up in the morning, or mindlessly getting up and heading to the bathroom, take a moment to remind yourself that today you want to take care of your body, allowing it to heal and breathe. Make the commitment to feed it well, avoiding substances like alcohol and cigarettes that harm and damage it. Show love for yourself and your body by reminding yourself that you want to choose to make healthy (or at least, healthier) choices today. That way, if you made less-than-healthy choices the day before you effectively give yourself a fresh start each morning. You don't have to be weighed down by what came before, which can make you give up out of sheer hopelessness, but can decide that even if you do a bit better today you're making progress. 

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Most of us wake up with the desire for the day to go well, after all, but we're often overwhelmed with everything we need to do and we quickly lose focus. My brain wants to start moving the moment I'm awake...it wants to think through all the action items on my list, it wants to solve problems and feel productive right off the bat. But if I remember to slow down and just settle into the moment...into my body and my awareness of the room, my breathing, the sounds around me, I have a much better chance of making good choices for myself for the rest of the day. It sounds weird, but it's true. Being willing to 'not do' for a while in the morning tends to improve my ability to make healthier choices later on. 

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And really, choosing a healthier life really comes down to a handful of basic things every day. These include eating well (nutritious food, clean water), moving your body in a way you enjoy, getting enough sleep/rest, practicing healthy thinking and feeling, and cultivating your connections with others. I think it can often seem out of our reach when we imagine it needs to look like the Instagram version of a 'healthy life', with serious workout sessions at the gym followed by homemade organic food and a side of chanting, but it really doesn't. It can look like choosing to drink more water today than you did yesterday, deciding not to have the second glass of wine this time, going to sleep 30 minutes earlier than you usually do. Small, incremental changes that slowly add up. Because when you prioritize your health and wellbeing, life becomes just a little bit easier and you become kinder to yourself. And that makes it easier to keep choosing to be kind to yourself because it just feels better. And before you know it you're at the gym at 5am and eating raw, vegan protein balls for lunch!


Nah, not really. That might never happen because, let's be honest, that might not be the kindest thing for YOU. Unless that feels wonderful to you, it's not sustainable and it's unlikely to be something you can force yourself to do for long. Part of choosing healthy lifestyle that works for you also involves being realistic about what you actually enjoy doing with your time and your body and picking things that are healthy, but also feel good. Set yourself up for success from the start so that you have the greatest chance possible of succeeding. If you've never liked cycling, don't start now. If you love being in the water, maximize that...find the nearest pool, join a class there, find a friend who will go with you. Make it ENJOYABLE for yourself or it's not really a healthy lifestyle, it's just punishment. 

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So, spend some time considering your options and where you can make some small changes that will lead to taking better care of yourself and prioritizing your health over the long term. Here are 10 important outcomes:

1. Feeling better about yourself: When you make healthier choices in what you eat, how you live, and what you do, you naturally feel good all over. Your mind and body receive a boost of self-will power, making you believe anything is possible.

2. Looking better: A healthier lifestyle provides your body with the right nutrients and rest, while avoiding substances that harm you physically and mentally. As a result, you'll notice improvements in your appearance, such as clearer skin, toned muscles, and a more youthful look.

3. Feeling and looking younger: As your skin clears up and your muscles tone, you'll start to appear younger. By avoiding unhealthy habits and leading an active life, you slow down the aging process and feel more vibrant.

4. Having more energy: A healthier lifestyle provides you with natural energy from nutritious foods and regular exercise. Unlike the temporary boost from sugar, this energy leaves you feeling good and doesn't contribute to weight gain or health issues like high blood pressure or diabetes.

5. Improving mental health: Eating right, getting enough sleep, and releasing tension through healthy means contribute to better mental health. Your brain releases chemicals that control your mood, reducing the risk of anxiety and depression associated with substance addictions.

6. Attracting positivity: A positive mindset and lifestyle attract positive energy and outcomes and also make challenges easier to overcome.

7. Attracting better people: Leading a healthier and more positive life attracts like-minded individuals. Conversely, an unhealthy lifestyle tends to attract negative influences and toxic relationships. Surrounding yourself with positive people contributes to your overall well-being.

8. Improving chances of finding love: By surrounding yourself with better people, including potential romantic partners, you increase your chances of finding true love. A steady mind and positive mindset are attractive qualities that make you more appealing to the right person.

9. Boosting your immune system: A healthy mind and body allow you to fight infections and viruses more effectively. By maintaining a balanced diet and lifestyle, you strengthen your immune system and reduce the likelihood of falling ill.

10. Living longer: Adopting a healthier lifestyle can help prevent the onset of serious or terminal diseases. By loving and taking care of your body, you increase your chances of living a long life.

Remember, leading a healthy lifestyle is a continuous journey, and it's important to approach it with kindness, patience, and self-compassion. Start by making small, sustainable changes and gradually build on them over time. Seek support from professionals, such as doctors, nutritionists, or fitness trainers, if needed. Surround yourself with a supportive community that encourages and motivates you on your path to a healthier life.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Hypnotherapy can be a huge help in moving away from some of our ingrained habits and embracing healthier choices. It guides us to relax our minds, which helps us to enter into a meditative trance, in turn fostering a state of deep relaxation. This trance is often induced using techniques like a countdown or visualization of an imaginary staircase or ladder. While in this hypnotic state, which can be described as being asleep but still awake and with closed eyes, we become less aware of our surroundings, with background noise and distractions fading away. 

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Here at Clear Minds we have developed a range of self-hypnotherapy audio sessions that tackle various issues, including insomnia, alcohol dependence, smoking cessation, and anxiety. Within the hypnotic trance, these sessions guide you to explore your thoughts and memories, helping you identify the triggers associated with each problem. Once identified, the sessions aim to eliminate those triggers and redirect your thought patterns towards positivity, enabling you to let go of negative thoughts and triggers altogether. The effectiveness of this treatment lies in its ability not only to address the specific issue in a healthy way but also to cultivate a whole new positive frame of mind.

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