Finding Freedom from Anxiety: Sandra's Journey


We'd like to introduce you to Sandra, a 35-year-old woman from Devon, who reached out to the Clear Minds team in 2020. She had found herself trapped by anxiety that dictated her everyday life. Now, she is a testament to triumph over anxiety, leading a calmer, happier life, and thriving socially. This is her journey.

When Sandra first connected with us and described her daily experiences with anxiety, her words echoed those of most individuals we've guided through this painful battle:

"It took a long time to notice it but I lost control of how stressed I was getting. I would randomly start crying in the taxi on the way to a party or struggle to answer the phone at work because I was terrified. I felt like I was losing my mind – thoughts were racing constantly and I kept seeing images in my head.

Then one day at work I had my first severe panic attack. Nothing happened, I was just at my desk replying to emails and then suddenly I felt myself losing it. It was like I just couldn’t cope anymore with anything. I didn’t know I was having a panic attack at the time – all I remember is feeling horrific."

We explained to Sandra that her experience was not unique. Most people face varying degrees of anxiety at some point in their lives, and if left untreated it can progress to panic attacks and more severe, daily anxiety.

Anxiety often links back to a negative event or circumstance in the past. Severe anxiety or panic attacks usually have a subconscious trigger - similar to a flashbulb memory. Your subconscious recalls an incident, plunging you into a downward spiral.

This is where the magic of hypnotherapy comes into play. It opens up your subconscious mind, allowing you to instil positive changes that last.

Over the course of two months, we worked with Sandra to develop a personalised therapy and self-hypnosis audio targeting the subconscious mind. The goal was to reduce her anxiety progressively until it was practically a faint whisper.

"Clear Minds team, I cannot express how much this therapy has helped me," Sandra said. "It taught me different techniques and ways in which to cope with what was happening to me – I feel different with the mindfulness and breathing techniques. It is strange as each time I listen to the audio I end up asleep and wake up at the end. Each time I have done it I feel better and so calm.

I am in control of how severe the panic attacks are. I feel less depressed. I also wasn't looking after myself. The amount of alcohol I was consuming every weekend was excessive even if I had been ill during the week. It was self-destructive and not only made me more ill but also caused more emotional and personal problems. Since listening to your therapy I have become more proud of myself. I also feel way more conscious about doing things for myself that will benefit me rather than be bad for me.

My self-esteem and confidence have completely improved as a result. I am going to listen to the audio once a week on the weekends to keep myself feeling like I do. I am so grateful. I finally feel free of anxiety and like I can go anywhere and speak with anyone. Nothing feels overwhelming any more. When the phone rings my initial response it to answer it rather than experience an irrational feeling of dread.”

If Sandra's journey resonates with you, and you'd like to experience the transformation that our self-hypnosis audio can bring, take a look at our Anxiety Melting Essentials Pack. Join thousands of people worldwide who have reclaimed their lives from anxiety and panic attacks.

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