Embracing Freedom from Smoking and Anxiety: A Proud Mum's Hypnotherapy Journey

Meet Joanne, a vibrant 34-year-old mum of two from Manchester, who first reached out to our Clear Minds team back in 2018 with one mission in mind: quitting smoking. A smoker for the better part of 15 years, Joanne always had a voice in the back of her mind telling her she'd quit someday. She was well aware of the health risks, but like many smokers, wasn't quite sure when the 'right time' would arrive.

As Joanne settled into domestic life with her then-husband, her social life changed. She found herself spending more time at home, and as a result, she stopped smoking. Still, she confessed that the cravings never completely vanished. Whenever she enjoyed a few drinks, the old urge would reappear. But, since she didn't keep cigarettes around, she managed to resist.

We were curious about what led Joanne back to smoking, and her story echoed many others we've heard. A stressful period nudged her back towards the habit. It's a common story; when faced with emotional turmoil, it's easy to turn to familiar, albeit harmful, coping mechanisms. Even though her conscious mind recognized the danger, the persuasive power of the subconscious mind was stronger.

We asked Joanne to dive deeper into her daily smoking habits. It was then that Joanne began to understand her emotional relationship with cigarettes. As she navigated the challenges of becoming single again, coupled with feelings of loneliness and uncertainty, she found comfort in the one thing that made her feel carefree and relaxed - smoking.

At 42, Joanne decided it was time to prioritize her health. She had not only herself but also her children to think about. Plus, she wanted to reclaim her youthfulness and vitality to fully embrace the next chapter of her life.

After a series of insightful phone conversations with Joanne, our team created a personalized hypnotherapy audio track. This track was designed to tackle the subconscious mind, breaking down the deep-seated associations with smoking and extinguishing the cravings. The aim? To reset the mind to a state where it feels as if smoking was never part of the picture.

You see, our subconscious mind drives around 90% of our decisions, which is why lasting change is best achieved when we target this part of our minds.

Joanne's feedback? Well, we'll let her words speak for themselves:

"I can't thank you enough. I've listened to the audio twice this week, and I feel transformed. It's like someone flipped a switch in my mind. Not only have I not smoked, but I also haven't even wanted to - even when I'm around other smokers. Your audio didn't just help me quit smoking; it also significantly reduced my anxiety. I can't express my gratitude enough."

For those of you looking to follow in Joanne's footsteps and stop smoking for good, consider our quit smoking audio package. It's helped Joanne and thousands of others breathe easier. 

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