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Carol - Freedom from anxiety change my life in so many ways


Carol, a 51 year-old mother and wife from Reading, first contacted us back in 2016 as she wanted help quitting smoking. We spoke numerous times on the phone and Carol quit smoking weeks later through our guidance and services.

 This is her story:

“In the midst of everything, we found ourselves with mounting debts and no savings to cushion the blow. We were lucky to have support from family to help stave off bankruptcy for a short time. I was absolutely determined to stay strong for my family, but I’d find myself awake every night with a calculator trying to work out our budget and I really started to obsess over our finances. I felt physically and emotionally drained and the anxiety I’d experienced as a child returned with a vengeance and became overwhelming.

I realised I had to find a way to cope and slow down the destructive cycle, to take control of my emotions, to find some happiness for me and our family. I wanted to think clearly again and to have a way to change my life.

It was then that I started looking into other ways to help overcome stress and that's when I remembered about Hugh, who had helped me overcome smoking in the past. I was sceptical at first due to the intensity of my problems, but determined not to give in to the self-sabotaging thoughts which told me nothing would help.

After speaking with the Clear Minds Team, they sent through his audio therapy and I decided to jump in head-first and commit to helping myself. After the first time I listened to it, I felt my body relax and I found a sense of peace I’d never experienced before. And no panic attack followed in the days after. Even without an understanding of the process, this was proof there was hope of recovering. I decided to listen to the therapy once a day over the period of a week. I felt calmer and happier, and unexpectedly discovered I’d gained the clarity to make changes in my life which I’d never thought possible.”

Carol was a pleasure to work with and her story is what inspires us to reach out and help more people like her.

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Remember, sometimes people can appear so strong on the outside yet be struggling on the inside. Be kind and remember everyone has their own battles to deal with - some people just never show how they are really feeling.