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"I dreamed of what my life could be like without insomnia, and now I know"


These are the words of Julie, who overcame her sleeping difficulties after almost 40 years.

"Over the past 35 to 40 years, insomnia has completely destroyed my working life. I have always been a high achiever, and worked in the medical industry in London. I got several promotions and did very well during the first six years despite the fact that I struggled with sleep. However, when I started having kids the insomnia worsened. I was always exhausted, unable to concentrate and unable to drive. I felt as if I was starting to develop mental health problems like anxiety and depression, and that my child was at risk. I often asked GPs for help. The typical response was to prescribe quite potent sleeping pills but I knew they weren’t the answer. I decided to treat myself using natural remedies and sleep hygiene.

I left my job and started to do a mixture of voluntary and consultancy work part-time in the not-for-profit sector. My life is now much more relaxing and the pressures of my previous job are no longer upon me, however I still consistently struggle with sleep. I always believed I would sleep better when I did not have as much on my mind, yet that is not the case."

After receiving this message from Julie we reached out and told her about our self hypnosis recordings for sleep. We explained that by simply listening to our guided self-hypnosis she can begin to wind down and calm her mind before bedtime. And with repeated listening she can begin to communicate more effectively with her subconscious mind so that sleep doesn’t have to feel like an impossible journey, but more like a close friend she is able to visit any time she needs to.

Our audio guides the mind into a state of relaxation before helping the listener to fall into a deep sleep.


Around three days after sending Julie the hypnotherapy audio we asked her how she was getting on with the therapy. This was her response.

"Thank you so very much for your help. I was a little dubious at first, however I now wish I had turned to hypnosis 40 years ago.

The first time I listened to your audio I followed everything you told me and to my disbelief I was asleep before the audio had finished. I still feel relaxed when I count myself down. I had one of the best night’s sleep I have had in years and I woke up in the morning feeling full of energy. I tried it again the next night and fell asleep just the same as the night before. The night after that I decided to try and fall asleep without using the audio and I drifted off to sleep much quicker than I normally would. I believe having the audio at my disposal helped me to feel calm and not panic at the thought of having another sleepless night.

Thank you for what you have done - if only I had done this years ago.

Best Wishes,


 (Thanks Julie for your kind message, you were truly a lovely person to work with.)

You can download our SLEEP PACKAGE that includes the audio that helped Julie and thousands of others finally get a good night’s sleep HERE.

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