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How to Download the ClearMinds Mobile App


Our Mobile app is out now and available for iPhone and Android. Download our app and enjoy a 7 Day Free trial and then enjoy full access to all of our hypnotherapy sessions from the convenience of your mobile. Our Hypnotherapies have helped millions of people overcome life-limiting habits and conditions. Now you can access everything in one place. Whether you want to Lose weight, Quit Smoking, Reduce your dependency on alcohol or improve the quality of your sleep, our app has it all in the palm of your hands.  

Here's how: 

Go into the Apple App store or Google Play Store in your phone (or via the links below)


Then search in the search bar "Clear Minds Hypnotherapy" and click Download 


Once downloaded onto your phone, open the app and select an option to make your account, this can be via Email, Facebook or your Apple or Google account and then sign in.


You will then find you have a range of hypnotherapies available at your finger tips to enjoy and listen to at your pleasure. 


Q: Why does the app not appear on my menu when I select install?

A: It could be that the app is still downloading or it cannot download properly because of internet connection issues or insufficient storage on your device. Please ensure you device has a signal and full battery. 

Q: How can I free up space to allow room for the Clear Minds Hypnotherapy app?

A: There’s a few options - you can buy an SD memory card and free up some space by moving data onto there. Otherwise, you can do the same and move it to your computer (photos, documents, etc). You can also free up space by deleting any apps, documents or items you don’t need or use any more. The Clear Minds Hypnotherapy app does not take up much data. You won’t need to free up so much space, if any at all. 

Q: What happens if the Clear Minds Hypnotherapy app keeps crashing every time I try to open it?

A: This could be because you have insufficient memory or storage on your device to run the app. Although the download worked, the app won’t open. It may also be because the app needs updating. If you have any issues with storage space - please free up some space on your device to run the Clear Minds app. 

Q: Is the Clear Minds Hypnotherapy app free?

A: No. You get a 7 day trial free of charge on the app. Then, you will be asked to set up a monthly subscription payment plan by adding your credit / debit card details (Paypal/GooglePay/ApplePay is also available). After that, you can continue to have full access to all the sessions and additional features after that. 

Q: Can I access the sessions I have bought before on the Clear Minds Hypnotherapy app? 

A: The Clear Minds Hypnotherapy app works separately to purchases made on our website:

When you buy the hypnotherapy sessions directly from the Clear Minds website you get lifetime access to each individual pack you have bought. 

However, on the Clear Minds app you have access to every hypnotherapy session and bundle pack we have available, but you’re subject to a separate monthly, quarterly, yearly or lifetime charge (depending what you’ve signed up for). As soon as the period has passed and you do not renew your subscription you will instantly lose access to the sessions. 


Download our app on Apple App Store by following the link:

Download our app on Google Play Store: