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5 Reasons Parents Everywhere are using Hypnotherapy Sessions on their Kids


As a parent myself I know how hard it can be when we’re searching for the right solutions for our kids, no matter what they’re struggling with. Trying to find modalities that are effective yet as non-invasive as possible is a real challenge, and often we find we’re having to compromise on one in order to have the other. But there’s an option available to parents now that manages to tick BOTH of those boxes, and one that more and more parents are turning to to address a wide range of issues with their kids: Hypnotherapy!

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Here are 5 reasons why recorded hypnotherapy sessions, listened to in the comfort of your own home, have fast become one of the best new tools available to parents:

1. It’s safe

Unlike many of the modern approaches to children’s emotional and behavioural issues, hypnotherapy is considered an extremely safe modality. There are no medications involved, no potential side effects or allergic reactions…it’s non-invasive and relaxing and most kids really enjoy the experience.

2. It works

Clinical studies have shown that hypnotherapy is effective on many childhood issues, including:

    • Chronic headaches
    • Night terrors 
    • Tourette symptoms
    • Insomnia and restless sleep
    • Bedwetting
    • Chronic pain symptoms
    • Self esteem
    • Frequent Stomach aches
    • Anxiety
    • Test anxiety
    • Problems with studying and concentration
    • Phobias

    3. It’s inexpensive

    Compared to many of the options available to parents with kids who are struggling, a hypnotherapy session is incredibly affordable. One session can be used as many times as needed until the child finds relief.

    4. It's easy

    You don’t need anything in order to use hypnotherapy on your child, except a quiet and comfortable place for them to be for the duration of the session. No props, no equipment, no monitors or special tools. Just something that you can play the session on (phone, ipad or computer) and a quiet room.

    5. It can be done at home

    For many families this is a huge advantage. Not having to organise childcare for siblings, find the time to travel to an appointment, and coordinate around school and other activities…using a recorded hypnotherapy session means that you can fit sessions into a busy family life with ease. Using the sessions right before bed can be a powerful way to assist the subconscious mind to re-pattern, and it even works if they fall asleep in the middle of the session!

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