Changing his Relationship with Alcohol: Luca's story


"Please bear with me as I'm not good at writing these types of things.

My name is Luca and I live in North London with my wife and two beautiful children, however up until 6 months ago things were not going as well for me as they are today. I have worked as a professional chef in London all of my life, I have always worked long hard and unsociable hours.

The pressure of the kitchen is tough for anyone and most of my co-workers drink and use other methods to keep themselves functioning and what they believe to be "feeling good" during a long shift.

For me my problem has always been the drinking after the shift in order to come down from the intensity. As soon as I had finished one of the wait staff would bring me through a double to finish the night and I would have at least 3 more when I got home.

For many years my beautiful wife put up with me as she knew I had a very stressful job and that I used alcohol as my coping mechanism.

At least that was until last year when the restaurant was closed and I started drinking more than before and for no reason whatsoever. I found my self wanting to drink as I was cooking at home and finding my way through half a bottle of whisky whilst watching TV on an evening.

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Looking back I am disappointed at myself for how I behaved not only for my wife but also as because for the only time In my life where I had months and months at home with my children, I choose not to be present in the moment with them.

My wife told me that it had all become too much and told me if I did not make a dramatic change she wanted to end things between us. It was at this point I realised that I could not go on like this.

Whilst searching online I came across Clear Minds and decided to give it ago. I sent the team a message and they replied, making me feel comfortable and like I had done the right thing.

I explained to them that I am not interested quitting drinking fully, however when I drink I have no 'Stop' button. I just drink and drink and lose all control. They recommended I try the hypnotherapy package and I started that evening.

All I can say is Thank You from the bottom of my heart. After finishing the session I cried, I woke up and instantly felt different. I felt a calm sense of comfort and warmth and I felt like I could see things clearly. Just like everyone, I knew the negative effects of alcohol and yet I drank it anyway. Now it is a like a switch has been triggered and my brain makes the decisions based on the knowledge rather than some strange need to self destruct.

I still listen to the audio therapy once a week in order to maintain the person I have become and keep on track. I still enjoy one or two glasses of red wine with a meal, but that is all I want and then I stop. I know that this will not harm me and is perfectly acceptable. I feel like I am in control.

My wife has said It is like I have gone back to when we first met. I seem positive, happy and full of energy. It is like we have fallen in love with each other all over again, I feel more drawn to her than ever and crave our time together.

I feel a bit weird saying this about myself but what pleases me the most is the fact I know that I am now being a good father and the Dad my children deserve. I can see that they will only grow up once and I am going to make sure they have memories of me that they treasure. I cannot go back and change my past, but that is OK for me now. I am focusing on mine and my families future as that is all that matters to me now. I will leave this review by saying this, If you are thinking about trying this I would highly recommend it.

It is normal to be dubious or think it will not happen to you, I felt like that at first also. However I tried it and I can say that every aspect of my life has improved, not just for me but also for the the people around me that I love the most."

Firstly we would like to say congratulations to Luca for achieving such a positive change for himself and his family.

Secondly thank you so much for letting us share your experience with others, you should be very proud. If you would like to use the package that has helped Luca and over 100,000 people in over 120 countries change their relationship with alcohol then click here for the Clear Minds Control Alcohol Essentials Package. It is available for all devices and is very easy to download, and it comes with full support along the way.

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