Navigate Beyond Drugs - Hypnotherapy Recovery Series

Navigate Beyond Drugs - Hypnotherapy Recovery Series

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Navigate Beyond Drugs - Hypnotherapy Recovery Series

Navigate Beyond Drugs - Hypnotherapy Recovery Series

Regular price £37.49
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Our mission is to guide you beyond drug dependency, reigniting your self-love and confidence for a brighter, substance-free future.


Our team at Clear Minds has passionately devoted over 3 years to developing the Transformative Recovery Program, a revolutionary approach to conquering drug addiction. 

With a collective expertise exceeding 20 years in hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, this specialized program is meticulously crafted to tackle not just the addiction, but also the root causes and triggers leading to drug use. 

By blending sophisticated hypnotherapy methods with customised strategies for trigger management, we provide a holistic pathway to enduring recovery and self-empowerment.

"Let this be the moment you decide to steer your life towards the horizon of recovery and self-belief. Change is within your grasp.." Hugh

How it works

Our expertly crafted sessions dive deep into the core of what drives your dependency, offering powerful strategies to not only break free from the substance but to also diminish stress, a common trigger for many.

We empower you with the tools to boost your self-esteem, encouraging you to make healthier life choices and build confidence in your sobriety.

Through targeted hypnotherapy, we guide you in changing detrimental habits, ensuring you feel accepted and supported throughout your recovery journey.

But we don't stop there. Our packages are equipped with specialized sessions designed to provide support in those critical trigger moments, offering a lifeline when you need it most. This comprehensive approach ensures that you're not just surviving without your addiction; you're thriving, making positive changes that resonate through every aspect of your life.

Why you’ll love it

Discover a new path to freedom from drug use with our specialised Hypnotherapy for Drug Liberation programs. 

Tailored to target each category of drug dependency, our sessions offer a personalised journey to recovery.

Through the power of hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), we address the root causes of addiction, reshaping your subconscious attitudes towards drugs and empowering you with the tools to overcome triggers and cravings. 

Our effortless, at-home listening sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your routine, allowing you to embark on a journey of transformation and self-discovery. Choose the package that best fits your needs and start your path to a drug-free life today. With our targeted approach, overcoming drug use becomes an accessible goal, supporting you towards lasting change and well-being.

In addition to our transformative packages, we offer exclusive access to our private "Emotional Support Group," home to over 90,000 members worldwide. This vibrant community is a sanctuary for like-minded individuals offering support, encouragement, and accountability for each other's choices. You have the option to engage with the group anonymously, ensuring your comfort and privacy. With the purchase of any package, you gain lifelong access to this invaluable network of support, enhancing your journey towards healing and growth.

What’s included

Each package includes 10 sessions specifically tailored to your chosen path, designed to support your journey to recovery.

Amphetamines Package

This variant focuses on substances like Adderall, methamphetamine, and speed. It's designed to help you tackle the intense cravings and psychological dependency that come with stimulant use, guiding you towards regaining energy and focus naturally.

Cannabinoids Package
Targeting marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids, this package addresses the unique challenges of quitting these substances, including mood regulation and managing withdrawal symptoms, to help you find clarity and calm without reliance.

Cocaine Package
Dedicated to users of cocaine and crack cocaine, this program aims to break the cycle of short-term euphoria followed by intense cravings, helping you rediscover joy and satisfaction in sober experiences.

Hallucinogens/Psychedelics Package
Focusing on LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, and other psychedelics, this variant helps you navigate the complex psychological effects of these drugs, aiding in overcoming altered perceptions and grounding yourself in reality.

Opioids Package
Tailored for those dealing with opioids like heroin, morphine, and prescription painkillers, this package offers support in overcoming physical dependency and the emotional pain that often accompanies opioid addiction.

Steroids Package
This package is for users of anabolic steroids, addressing the physical and psychological effects of steroid use, including aggression and dependency, and guiding you towards healthy self-esteem and body image.

Prescription Medication Package
Designed for those addicted to prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines, stimulants, and sedatives, this program focuses on the challenges of prescription drug withdrawal and dependence, promoting healthy coping mechanisms and recovery.

Each package is crafted to address the specific dynamics of addiction related to its category, offering a focused path to overcoming dependence and rebuilding a healthy, drug-free life.

Embrace the opportunity to transform with our Navigate Beyond Drugs Packages. Let us guide you towards not just overcoming addiction, but living a life filled with confidence, healthier choices, and a profound sense of self-worth. Start your journey to liberation and a brighter future today.

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