Healthy Weight Loss Hypnotherapy - Sleep Edition

Healthy Weight Loss Hypnotherapy - Sleep Edition

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Healthy Weight Loss Hypnotherapy - Sleep Edition

Healthy Weight Loss Hypnotherapy - Sleep Edition

Regular price £14.95
Sale price £14.95 Regular price £24.95
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Healthy Weight Loss: Sleep Edition - the innovative session meticulously crafted to ease you into a profound, rejuvenating sleep, while simultaneously reshaping your relationship with food for healthier living.


This groundbreaking hypnotherapy session, 'Healthy Weight Loss - Sleep Edition,' is the latest innovation from Catherine, our distinguished in-house hypnotherapist and neuro-linguistic programmer with over 20 years of expertise. 

Catherine's extensive experience in transforming lives through subconscious techniques is embodied in this session. It's a powerful tool for weight loss, harnessing the potential of your subconscious mind as you sleep.

Designed to guide you into a deep, restful sleep, the session works at a subconscious level to reshape your relationship with food. Wake up feeling refreshed and empowered to make healthier food choices.

As a master in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming, Catherine is committed to guiding you towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. She believes in the power of change that starts from within and extends to your daily habits. Join Catherine on this journey to wellness and experience a transformative approach to weight loss.

"I champion you in your journey to transformation. My goal in creating 'Healthy Weight Loss - Sleep Edition' is to empower you with a tool that reshapes your unhealthy habits, guiding you to become the best version of yourself." - Catherine

Why you’ll love it

Wave goodbye to restrictive diets and intense workouts with our 'Healthy Weight Loss - Sleep Edition' session. As you sleep, this session works subconsciously to transform your relationship with food, steering you towards mindful eating and eradicating cravings. Envision losing weight effortlessly, feeling self-assured and lively.

Through hypnotherapy, your subconscious is gently reprogrammed during sleep, embedding a positive self-image and healthy habits. This makes your weight loss journey not just successful, but also a pleasant and natural experience. Join the many who have reshaped their lives with this session, unlocking the key to lasting, healthy weight loss, all while you rest.

Our goal is to help you in the following ways:

  • Wake up feeling energized and ready for the day.
  • Don't turn to food when a stressful situation occurs.
  • Make Healthy decisions even when feeling hungry.

Theta waves are a type of brainwave that occur at a frequency of 4-7 Hz. They are most commonly associated with states of deep relaxation, meditation, and the early stages of sleep. When theta waves are predominant, the brain is in a receptive state, which can enhance the effects of hypnosis.

In the context of hypnotherapy for sleep, incorporating theta waves can be highly beneficial. The relaxed state induced by these waves makes the subconscious mind more open to therapeutic suggestions. This can improve the effectiveness of hypnotherapy by allowing these suggestions to be more deeply absorbed and integrated into one's mental processes.

Using theta waves in hypnosis for sleep can lead to deeper relaxation, better quality sleep, and a stronger response to the hypnotic suggestions aimed at behavioural and psychological changes.

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How it works

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, especially in our 'Healthy Weight Loss - Sleep Edition,' where it harnesses a state of deep relaxation to reach the subconscious mind. This part of our mind controls our thoughts, feelings, and actions, so influencing it can lead to profound life changes.

Our online sessions deliver this transformative experience right in your home, guiding you into relaxation and then offering targeted suggestions to your subconscious. This empowers you to make the positive changes you seek, particularly in achieving healthy weight loss.

You can conveniently access our audio therapies on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer, without needing any special apps. They're designed for compatibility with both Android and iOS devices. Once you purchase our hypnotherapy audio, you'll receive it immediately via email, allowing you to listen and even share it with loved ones as often as you like.

Take advantage of our special offer: buy any two audios and receive two more free. Just add your four chosen audios to your cart, and the discount will be applied at checkout, charging you for only two. This is your opportunity to embark on a journey of transformation with 'Healthy Weight Loss - Sleep Edition.'

What’s included

  • Instant access to your purchased hypnotherapy session via email.
  • Access to our private FB community group with over 90,000 active members who help motivate each other daily.
  • Full email support.
  • Instructions on how to use your hypnotherapy session.
  • Lifetime ownership of the hypnotherapy session.

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