Stop Binge Eating Hypnotherapy - Sleep Edition

Stop Binge Eating Hypnotherapy - Sleep Edition

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Stop Binge Eating Hypnotherapy - Sleep Edition

Stop Binge Eating Hypnotherapy - Sleep Edition

Regular price £14.95
Sale price £14.95 Regular price £24.95
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Stop Binge Eating: Sleep Edition Hypnotherapy - Transform your nights into a journey of restful sleep and mindful eating. A groundbreaking approach to conquer binge eating as you rest.


This innovative hypnotherapy session, 'Stop Binge Eating - Sleep Edition,' marks a new milestone in the work of Catherine, our esteemed in-house hypnotherapist and neuro-linguistic programmer with over two decades of experience. Catherine's profound expertise in effecting positive change through the power of the subconscious is at the heart of this new session. It's a focused approach to addressing binge eating, leveraging the power of your subconscious mind during sleep.

Carefully designed to usher you into a state of peaceful, restorative sleep, this session operates at a subconscious level to modify your eating habits and behaviours. Awake feeling rejuvenated and equipped with the mental fortitude to overcome binge eating patterns.

As an adept in both hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming, Catherine's dedication is to steer you towards a more harmonious and healthy lifestyle. She upholds the belief in transformative change that initiates from within, influencing your daily life and choices. Embark on this journey of self-improvement with Catherine and embrace a pioneering method to conquer binge eating.

"I am here to support your path to transformation. My aspiration in crafting 'Stop Binge Eating - Sleep Edition' is to furnish you with a means that redefines your eating habits, steering you towards the best version of yourself." - Catherine

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Why you’ll love it

Say farewell to unyielding eating habits and embrace mindful nourishment with our 'Stop Binge Eating - Sleep Edition' hypnotherapy session. As you drift into sleep, this session works at a subconscious level, realigning your relationship with food towards mindful consumption and eliminating binge eating behaviors. Imagine gaining control over your eating habits effortlessly, feeling confident and rejuvenated. During sleep, hypnotherapy gently reprograms your subconscious, instilling a positive self-view and balanced eating practices. This transforms your journey towards overcoming binge eating into a smooth, natural process.

Join the many who have revolutionized their approach to eating with this session, discovering the key to sustained, healthy eating patterns, all while you enjoy restful sleep.

Our session is designed to help you:

  • Wake up energized and ready to embrace the day.
  • Avoid turning to food during stressful situations.
  • Make conscious, healthy choices even when hungry.

Theta waves, occurring at a frequency of 4-7 Hz, are synonymous with deep relaxation, meditation, and early sleep stages. When dominant, these waves render the brain highly receptive, amplifying the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. This heightened state of relaxation allows the subconscious to fully absorb and integrate therapeutic suggestions, enhancing the session's impact on behavioral and psychological change.

By incorporating theta waves in our hypnotherapy for sleep, we aim to facilitate deeper relaxation, improved sleep quality, and a robust response to the hypnotic suggestions focused on overcoming binge eating habits.

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How it works

Hypnotherapy is a potent tool, particularly evident in our 'Stop Binge Eating - Sleep Edition', where it utilizes a state of deep relaxation to engage the subconscious mind. This deeper part of our psyche governs our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, making its influence pivotal for significant life alterations.

Our sessions bring this transformative experience to your home, easing you into relaxation before offering specific suggestions to your subconscious. This method is designed to empower you in overcoming binge eating behaviors.

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What’s included

  • Instant access to your purchased hypnotherapy session via email.
  • Access to our private FB community group with over 90,000 active members who help motivate each other daily.
  • Full email support.
  • Instructions on how to use your hypnotherapy session.
  • Lifetime ownership of the hypnotherapy session.

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