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Every guest on the Clear Minds podcast enriches our app with their unique contributions.

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  • Catherine, Hypnotherapist & Neuro Linguistic Programmer

    "Joining the Clear Minds family is a milestone in my decades-long journey. Having worked with celebrities, athletes, and influential figures, I'm thrilled to bring my hypnotherapy expertise to everyone. Together, we'll unlock the power of your mind for a brighter, more fulfilling life."

  • Sophie, Breathwork & Meditation Expert

    "Embracing the Clear Minds community marks a key chapter in my story. Breathwork and meditation were my lifelines in overcoming cancer in my twenties. Now, I'm passionate about sharing these healing tools with you. Let's journey together towards wellness and fulfillment."

  • Debbie Trainer & 2X Miss Universe

    "Teaming up with Clear Minds is a new peak in my journey. As a two-time former Miss Universe, I've crafted home workouts for all levels, from seated sessions to advanced. Sure, I can be tough, but you'll thank me in the end – and remember, you can always pause me! Let's get fit together, at your own pace."

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Where Self-Care Meets Therapy.

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